Geller, Cauley Ceremony Set for St Joseph's, 17th February 2.30pm

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Geller are pleased to announce the impending marriage of their daughter, Carole Geller, to Peter Conn Cauley.

Carole Geller is well-known to Wellington residents as the widow of Beano “Flying” Geller, otherwise known as the Human Cannonball. Mr. Geller was tragically killed five years ago when an inebriated assistant not only plotted an incorrect trajectory but chose to include a supply of black powder in the cannon, rather than relying on the air compressor as was standard. Mr. Geller’s clothing caught fire, and he became the Flaming Human Cannonball until he missed the net. He crashed onto a snowplough that had been mistakenly delivered to the City of Wellington and was en route to its correct destination in Alaska. The driver of the flatbed truck on which the snowplough was loaded was so startled that he drove into the harbour. While the coroner was unable to ascertain whether Mr. Geller’s death was the result of the fire, the impact of colliding with the snowplough, or drowning, he did feel confident in ruling out suicide.

Carole Geller, a detention officer for the City of Wellington, met her future bridegroom on the job and states that he swept her off her feet. Mr. Cauley describes her as “captivating” in their first meeting, and asserts that their courtship was somewhat restrained. They were in contact five days each week for over two years, and love blossomed. A marriage proposal was offered and accepted, and the bride began plans for the upcoming ceremony, which will take place at St Joseph's Church with Reverend Mee officiating.

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The bride will be attended by her former co-worker, Officer Audrey Phillips, while the groom will be attended by I. C. Allright of the Wellington Department of Probation and Parole. Only family members are expected as guests at the small, simple ceremony: the bride’s parents and the groom’s Godfather, Mr Assa Sin.

Mr. and Mrs. Cauley will honeymoon in Florida, USA, where Mr. Cauley must respond to certain inquiries into his business matters. Once the president of Ponzi Productions, Mr. Cauley changed careers after the company was forced to close. He became a specialist in dynamic capital acquisition, which is the basis of the Florida inquiry. The couple expects the matter will likely keep them in Florida for three to five years, after which they plan to return to Wellington.

After returning home, the couple plan to open an oyster bar in The Windy City. To ensure the availability of fresh seafood, they are examining the possibility of launching their own air freight line, tentatively named Conn Air. The couple are also looking into various other business opportunities, and neither has ruled out the possibility of seeking some sort of political office.

But seriously though folks: Carole and I would love to see you all at St Joseph's on the 17th!

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Best wishes to all from Peter.